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artist: Chem D
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Chem D 

One of the uprising italian artists at this moment is 
Chem D. Not just acting under Chem D but also under his co project wits Mez as Audio Grinders he is getting a lot of positive reactions and doing well with establishing his nam in the hardcore scene.
Italian Hardcore dj and track producer  Chem D begins deejaying in 2001 in his home city Rome. In 2003 he joins HardCoreUltras,(first with the name of Chaosticshock aka F.R.O.).
From that moment on they play togheter in several raves and clubs around center italy, promoting passion for tekno, hardcore and the harder styles of techno. In the meantime he begins producing his own tracks. 
From 2005 to 2008 he organises and plays in several parties including "Solar Fest" (2500 visitors) in 2006 and "Industrial Madness" in 2007. In 2009 he moves to the Netherlands where he starts his solo project: ChemD

In The netherlands he played in parties such as,"P.O.R.N.-10 years of terror " 2009 'Takketek vs Harder is Beter", "Sound Rage", "FreaX" and many more, including also parties in Italy like "Creative Response" in Rome. 

He shared the stage with several dj's such as: The Sickest Squad, Akira, Dj Producer, and many more... 
His dj sets vary from: Dnbcore to Frenchcore Breakcore and Terror His live set is performed with laptop and several controllers and consists in a FrenchCore/BreakCore/Terror act.
In 2009 he produce his first releases on avanti records .
many new tracks are ready still to be released on more labels soon.

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