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artist: E-Sicko
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At the age of 13 Remi Versterre bought his very first dj mixer still playing with crappy old tape decks and busted 5 euro turntables from the flee marked.  Couple of years later he was the resident dj from dynamo Eindhoven. After the breakdown of dynamo it was time for E-sicko to change his game, beat mixing wasn’t changeling anymore it was time for a new way: turntablism.
After a 2 year practice it was time to hit the streets no rules no lines just 1 quality dj set represented with turntabllism action. After that he met a guy from Den Haag called dj Vexer. He was the one who saw the potential and put E-Sicko on the map of terror dj’s. After a short time big event where coming up: Hellraiser, Speedrazor, ,P.O.R.N, Audio active, I hate trance, Harcore vs Terror playing at all major terror party’s.

Still today mixing skills are top priority still kicking it at 250 bpm and over. Oldschool terror, Tekno, Uk Hardcore, Frenchcore packed with a turntablism sauce.

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