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artist: Guigoo (Narkotek)
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Guigoo (Narkotek) 

Guigoo has been for a number of years one of the most prominent figures of the hard tek/tribe scene.
A musician at heart; he gave up his piano for decks and explored hip hop techniques for several years (1996 1998).
In 1998 he bought his first sampler in order to make productions for his ragga band. At his first parties he fell into the infernal magic of the loop and of the synthesis and has never since left the field of electronic music.
He then joined the Narkotek crew with Weser, a childhood friend, Kefran who became a close friend and Seno his inseperable graphic artist. They started to organize free parties in the Paris region (1998).

A great fan of music and of sound production and recording, he followed the courses at the IMFP school where he graduated with a degree of assistant sound engineer at the end of 2002.
The techniques of studio and live sound no longer holding any secrets for him, he perfected his knowledge by studying ear-training, harmony and the piano.At about that time he started to integrate his synthesizer melodies with his music on his vinyls, for example in the maxi Narkotek HS 01, in his piece Adieu which was more melancholic, or in BB malsain .

He took part in the biggest European parties during which he always took ever more pleasure in sharing his emotions through his live, full of hallucinating melodies and heavy and galloping rhythms.

In 2006, he got closer to his friend Mat Weasel, with whom he then played in lots of versuses, an artistic reunion which benefited them both.
With over 85 000 records sold today, he spends his time between his passion for music and his vinyls production and distribution activities.
He published many international artists, such as Kefran, Weser, Maissouille and Mat Weasel under different labels (Narkotek, Trafik, Sonic Boom, Access violation, ect) and played at almost all the big events in Europe.

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