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artist: Roms aka Harry Potar
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Roms aka Harry Potar

Roms started to make stupid electronic music as a kid with Amiga computers. He goes in his first underground techno parties at the age of 19 and rapidly starts to play live. First disappointed by hardcore's simplicity he discovers more underground styles where it's permitted to do technical tricks and hooking melodies. rapidly his own music shifts towards hardtekno and hardcore. he makes his first productions in 2003 on Perestroika (Le Diable Au Corps). his sub label Disjointed became mythical on the industrial hardcore/frenchcore scene and made him famous on that scene. He does hardtek productions as Harry Potar. Stupid tracks, remixes, on many labels : he's also a reference on the happy hardtek scene. 
His live sets are never the same, leave a big place for improvisation. Definitely part of the hardtek/hardcore live performers elite.

Some past gigs:

Monegros festival (Spain)
Electron festival (Switzerland)
La nuit rouge (Marseille)
X-massacre (Czech)
BKJN (Holland)
Frea-X (Holland)

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